Amazon, you do not know me….

Amazon mistakenly thinks I “recently showed an interest in pencil sharpeners.”  It is equally misguided in its assumption that even if I had shown an interest in pencil sharpeners, I would pay to have one shipped to my house instead of rummaging around in my junk drawer or running to the drugstore down the street.

For those who actually are interested in pencil sharpeners, may I present the top three bestsellers on Amazon.

**Although I have to admit that bottom “camera” sharpener briefly caught my attention.

One thought on “Amazon, you do not know me….

  1. My friend recently commented on how well amazon knows her. So, imagine my surprise with that jerk told me that I “would be interested” in a some crap movie called “open range” with Kevin Friggin Costner. I. Hate. Kevin. Costner.

    It’s like amazon wants me to hate her.



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