I Want to Adopt……A Skull.

So the Mutter Museum, which I LOVE, is having a “Save our Skulls” campaign – It’s $200 and you get to have your name by the skull, and you get to pick which skull you want to adopt.  You might have to pay twice.  It’s hard to tell from the blurb.  But it pays for restoring the skull and fixing everything up nice.
And I’m kind of tempted, as weird as that is.
I’m thinking the Lithuanian girl on page 3 (b/c she’s the only Lithuanian and part of my family is from there) or maybe the famous criminal on the last page.  If I do it, I don’t really want a suicide or a child murderer or anything.  And there’s an inordinate number of suicides on the list.  And convicted criminals who were hanged or otherwise disposed of.
Also, if I do this, I want a skull with a known cause of death and a name.  I guess I’d takean anonymous-no-one-knows-how-this-one-kicked-off skull if I could make up a name and a COD, but I doubt the museum would add that to the plaque.  And then I’d just be the donor who got my money in late and didn’t get a cool skull.  (Is it weird that I feel like the anonymous skulls or  the ones with unknown COD’s should be cheaper???  I mean, seriously – The two taken ones are a famous murderer and a famous hooker.  Clearly there’s a demand for the skulls of famous depraved people.  I think unknown skulls should be at least 50% off).
Here’s the link if you’re curious or just have a skull fetish:
***In all seriousness, this is a worthwhile endeavor and one that should be supported.  The Mutter Museum is a phenomenal museum, and anything that can be done to preserve their collections should be done!  If you’re in the Philly area and you haven’t been to the museum, I highly recommend a trip.

2 thoughts on “I Want to Adopt……A Skull.

  1. That is a very interesting site. I love the one that died in hospital of the Holy Spirit. How does one die by the Holy Spirit. That Sailor must have done some serious sinning to have the Holy Spirit come and strike him down. Interesting how each one looks different – I’d love to see them with skin on. How about the one who died from a dagger thrust.

    I think I would choose a suicide – their stories make me sad and feel like they need a bright light of love to shine on them.
    Thanks for sharing this site,

  2. You’re welcome. And I agree – It’s fascinating reading about the skulls and imagining what their lives may have been like. The Mutter Museum is a wonderful museum – I highly recommend visiting it if you’re ever in the Philadelphia area.

    I’m still not 100% sure which skull I’ll choose if I decide to “adopt” one, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be avoiding the child murderer….

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